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‘Monorail’ – PERCY June 22, 2022

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The brand new PERCY album comes out this week on Ten Foot Records and I have had the pleasure of listening to it a lot over the past couple of months. Have the West Yorkshire Superheroes delivered? Read on to find out dear readers. The album starts with perhaps one of the most wonderfully weird songs Percy has recorded so far, “Chunks”. No one writes lyrics quite like Colin, do they? I think this song is about how the powers that be try to mould people into bland equally sized chunks as though we are all the filling in a shitty Fray Bentos pie. Next up is “ICU” which if John Peel was still around would be a banker for inclusion in the Festive 50 for 2022. I have heard this song played live and I think this will become a Percy classic with Colin’s unique vocal style and some excellent post-punk riffage. Paula’s keyboards on “Midnight On Broadway” evoke a dark 60s cop show that might have been soundtracked by the Doors. But in reality, this is dark music for the 21st Century. After a few listens “Dry Your Tears” is the track on the album where the whole band comes together perfectly, this one is a real grower. “Disinfect Me” feels a bit goth-punk, especially the rhythm section which drives this track like a finely tuned racing car. I can imagine this being played in a nightclub scene in a very modern vampire tale or maybe even a remake of ‘The Hunger’.

The intro to “I Want” comes across as real classic rock. But then when Paula’s synth organ sound gives the song a desecrated church feel and Colin’s vocal kicks in you just know that this is Percy on top form. I bloody love “Rock A Hula” it has an eerie circus vibe about it and I reckon it needs to be included on the soundtrack to Rob Zombie’s “Munsters” film. “I’ve Been Down” is another Percy classic in waiting. The stutter in the chorus brings the song a dark and sinister pop feel. Jason’s drumming is sublime on this. Next up is a song named after a street in York. The tune has a menacing spoken vocal and a hypnotic synth motif that hooks into your brain at super speed and refuses to leave. Is the song actually about the street? Honestly, I have no bloody idea, but I do know it’s a great song. Tucked away at track 10 of 11 is the magnificent “What Lez Said” which I think is possibly Percy’s finest song to date. It drives along as though it is being performed by a strange version of the Kinks that somehow fell into our dimension from a warped parallel universe. If Carlsberg created a Percy tune it would be this one. The album closes with “Last Chance Saloon” which has “play me as a weird interlude in a Tarantino film” writ large all over it. When I eventually get my arse into gear to start producing an internet radio show I might just have to beg Percy to let me use this track as the regular intro/ theme music for it. I thought Percy’s ‘Seaside Donkeys’ from 2020 was a brilliant album and believed it would be hard for the band to better it, but they have fucking done it! ‘Monorail’ is a great album and definitely a contender for album of the year!

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‘Sleepers Wake’ – PERCY November 15, 2018

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The first track on the new PERCY album asks “Why Are You Still Here?” and many may ask that question of a band who have been around since 1996 with no major league success so far. Well having listened to ‘Sleepers Wake’ I feel I can answer that question. It is because they are fucking brilliant and they epitomise tenacity and perseverance. Andy Wiles the bands bass player and some time drummer (although not at the same time) said to me that PERCY were often referred to as the greatest band that you have never heard of. That phrase has a large element of truth in it and if you check this bunch out I am sure you will agree. The aforementioned track “Why Are You Still Here?” has what is in my opinion on of the best lyrical couplets of 2018; “with your massive gob and your wayward knob”. Does it get better than that? Maybe not but it sure as shit maintains a huge level of quality throughout. Post Punk might be one way to describe them and acolytes of the Fall might be another. However I see them as all of that plus so much more ingenious originality and they keep the flame of Mark E smith burning better than any other band.

The opening bars of “Alice Stone” are for me reminiscent of Elvis Costello’s Attractions on “Watching The Detectives”. The band is as cutting as the attractions and as funky and smart as the Blockheads. The organ playing is almost Doorsesque at times. Does anyone use the term Hep to denote something that is hip these days? well while for most of us Hep died in the sixties it is still very much in PERCY’s vocabulary as evidenced by the soft loud riff driven thrash of “Hep!”. The first few seconds of “Teutonic” feels like it will take a Krautrock direction but it goes somewhere completely different. It is a simple song but with the power and impact of Blur’s “Song 2”. There is also a Graham Coxon feel on “Enlightenment” too. The sonic journey on some of the songs on this album takes me back to those heady days of 1978 and the first incarnation of John Lydon’s Public Image Limited, most notably on “It Is Time” where some of Colin Howard’s vocals sound like a Dalek on speed, but in a good way.

Just when you think PERCY are into a full on post punk style groove they smash into you with a wild slice of psycho-billy workout called “Exploding Head” and frankly my head is on the verge of exploding with pure enjoyment at this point. Later on the band go full on menacing with “Juicy Fruit”. Album closer is possibly the most relaxed, melancholy track on this fabulous collection which evokes sixties experimentation of the likes of Syd Barrett. The musicianship on display here is stunning, from the driving force of Andy on bass and Jason on drums to Colin’s superb guitar and the supreme keyboard journeys and flourishes of Paula. This album deserves wide attention and I hope that it receives it. You can help that cause by clicking here and visiting this excellent ‘listen and buy’ site and deploying your credit card or PayPal account. It won’t cost you much, just have a few pints less on Saturday or go without lunch tomorrow, you know it makes sense

I am really looking forward to witnessing the PERCY phenomenon in a live setting soon. Check them out, you WILL NOT be disappointed! There are still plenty of opportunities to see them, so get your arses off of your seat and get out there;

Friday 24 November 2018 Sheffield TBC
Wednesday 05 December 2018 Wharf Chambers Leeds, UK
Wednesday 19 December 2018 Fulford Arms York, UK
Thurs 31st January 2019 York Fibbers
Sunday 03 February 2019 O’Riley’s Hull, UK
Friday 08 February 2019 Chameleon Arts Cafe Nottingham, UK
Saturday 09 February 2019 Head of Steam Newcastle, UK
Thursday 21 February 2019 Night & Day Café Manchester, UK
Saturday 6 April 2018 Fulford Arms (TBC) York, UK



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