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Delilah Bon – The Key Club, Leeds – Saturday 1st October 2022 November 30, 2022

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If you saw my post from 3rd November you will know that this lack of posting is not through general laziness! But the catch-up has begun! On 1st October I was lucky enough to witness the galactic talent that is Delilah Bon live. How good was she? I will tell you, but first I must mention the rather stunning support acts that graced the stage at one of the most compact and delightful venues in Leeds, the Key Club. First up it was Bizarrefae. This was full-on angry techno punk with 100% passion, to quote an old Sex Pistols song, “they mean it, man….”. We all sat down for the sad song too, that was pretty ace. It was a great set and for me “Pesky Pixie” and “Dwarfed” were magnificent highlights. Next, it was the turn of Trunc, arch loud noiseniks coming out of the northwest. Trunc have some mountainously good songs, “Zombies” was my favourite. Trunc do punky storytelling and spot-on protest with oodles of panache. Everyone in the audience was 110% behind the FUCK LIZ TRUSS chant (Oh man does that line age this post!)

Finally, it was time for Delilah Bon, an amazing and passionate artist that I have been following since those early dark days during the Covid lockdowns. Lauren Tate as her alter ego Delilah Bon has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, a force that grows more powerful with every release. But is the world ready for Delilah Bon live? Well, the world has begun to find out if it’s ready for Delilah Bon live, and much of the world is not ready yet, but it fucking needs to be! This show was towards the end of Delilah’s first-ever tour and that came off the back of a few magnificent festival appearances. Delilah is supported by her compadres of hope and passion, Ruena and DJ GOLDENAXE. While Delilah is the focus the show would not be the same without such incredible support. Delilah blurs the lines of genre into a thick fog, there are elements of rap, electro, and punk. But what shines throughout everything is how much she cares for her audience, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. Politicians often have better platforms than this but never use them, Delilah Bon is fearless, compassionate and on evidence to date a fine human being. The set was among the best shows that I have ever seen. This trio of fired-up feminists kicked off at 100 miles per hour and rarely slipped below that pace. “Freak of the Week” and “Chiquitita” were early high points. “War On Women” was full of righteous and justified anger. At that point, Delilah invites women, girls, and LGBTQ+ folks to move to the front and they do. But there were a couple of blokes who chose not to, but the crowd shamed them into moving back. As for the heckler, Delilah didn’t have to say much at all, because the crowd gave him a resounding “Shut The Fuck Up!”. “Chop Dicks” loosened the roof of the Key Club and then “Dead Men Don’t Rape” smashed the roof completely. For me, this track is Delilah’s finest song to date and clearly, the audience seems to agree. Back in 1972, David Bowie began performing as his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, the vibe at early gigs was good but venues and crowds were relatively small. Over just a few months a word-of-mouth avalanche sent Ziggy into the stratosphere. I can picture that happening with Delilah Bon, but given that we now have social media, this will be on a scale that Bowie as Ziggy could only have dreamed of. In years to come, many years from now, if Delilah Bon is not remembered as the voice of a generation I will return and haunt every one of the haters that tried to stop her! I was lucky enough to interview Delilah during her tour, sadly the audio is not great, but I am transcribing it and it will be posted soon!

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Live At Leeds – Saturday 2nd May 2015 May 5, 2015


This year was the first time I have been around for Live At Leeds and thanks to my good friend John Hayhurst I even got a cheap ticket. On top of that John’s research on the bands, singers and venues was immaculate. After collecting our wrist bands at the First Direct arena we headed to the Key Club. The first band on stage were Forever Cult. I would describe them as a bit grunge, a bit indie and a bit classic rock. They were bloody good, “Yasmin” is a great song. All three were excellent musicians but the drummer attacked his kit like a reincarnated John Bonham. He even had a look of the great Bonzo about him too.

forever cult

We were entertained on the same stage next by the Treason Kings. They are full on heavy, hard and hairy rock at its best. Maybe with even a bit of a prog twinge. I mean who else but someone with an awareness of prog history would write a song about their chest of drawers called “Chest Of Drawers”? An excellent band in my opinion.

treason kings

After that it was a brisk walk to the O2 Academy for Gaz Coombes. I have seen him a few years ago when he was still with Supergrass, now they were a great band weren’t they? Mr Coombes solo is different from Supergrass but still su-fucking-perb.

gaz coombes

The Belgrave Rooms took us in next. We caught the last pert of Alex Burey’s set. He is a young london singer songwriter who is a bit like a jazzed up and more funky Jake Bugg with an extra added Orange Juice/ Edwyn Collins. Chloe Black was what drew us to the Belgrave. She owned the stage with her striking monochrome look and wowed us with just an iPad and a keyboard. For me she has a range of influences from Amy Winehouse to Bjork via Ballad Madge (a.k.a Madonna) She seemed a little nervous at first but it was a really packed house.

chloe black

We made a dash to get to a small bar called Milo’s for the highly recommended Crybabycry. The bar is quite small and rammed to the rafters with punters. That might have helped or hindered a performer or band. But I believe Crybabycry raised themselves for it. They are a truly stupendous band. Their songs are often underpinned by a classic glam rock drum beat from a very talented drummer. All three are very talented musicians and their songs are wonderful. I can hardly wait to see them again, but I will see them next month at the Apollo Festival in York.


After this and a brief burger stop we whizzed over to the Holy Trinity Church where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Being an old church the acoustics are fabulous. Frances was first on for us. Great voice – Tick, great pianist – Tick, Great songs – tick. She clearly ticks all the boxes for me and has the gifts and talent to be really successful.


The second act we saw in the Holy Trinity Church was Freddie Dickson and the Guard. What a fucking amazing find they were. I thought that I was detecting shades of Coldplay and Radiohead and then I thought nope these guys are very much of their own making. I believe that they are probably one of the best young bands that I have seen in years and believe me I have seen some great young bands; Avalanche Party and the Tuts to name but two. Freddie’s voice is off the scale of phenomenal rock voices. This band really ought to be huge!

freddie dickson and the guard

Having settled in to our prime spot on the pew just in front of the stage we were next entertained by Seafret. They might look a little like Simon and Garfunkel but they come across like a turbo charged and folky McAlmont and Butler. They are from Bridlington, they are Seafret and they are bloody marvellous.



The penultimate performer for our time at Live At Leeds was Laura Doggett. She has a brilliant band, an amazing voice and her songs are truly captivating. I felt there were quite a few influences in her songs and performance; Florence, Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks. It was a superb set, the one thing that didn’t work for me though was the often very twee between song conversation.

laura doggett

Finally it was time for Lucy Rose, or perhaps it wasn’t time. The were a multitude of equipment problems for which Lucy apologised, although clearly it wasn’t her fault. Eventually she had the techie set up a microphone and an acoustic amp, whereupon she came out and took requests, from her first album. Not many artists would have the commitment and the balls to do this, let alone actually pull it off. But Lucy Rose really did make it work. Eventually the equipment problems were sorted and she was able to perform some of her planned set. Lucy Rose; a trouper, a true performer and a great singer-songwriter. The packed audience loved her and frankly so did I.

lucy rose


And finally it’s the public service announcement. All the videos ( a selection of artists that we saw on the day) are courtesy of YouTube and all the photos are courtesy of rock photographer John Hayhurst. (I borrowed them from your Facebook page Mr H)


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