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Mayhem Singles Round Up 2 – October 2019 October 28, 2019

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I am overloaded with some exceptionally good singles at the moment, take another 5, you know you want to! I would love to know what you think of them.;

Stonerpop “Night Terrors” – This is the first single from LA electronic duo Stonerpop’s new album ‘American Dreams’ due out on January 1st, 2020. That date is my birthday and after hearing the single I might have to treat myself to the album! “Night Terrors” is a monumental electronic painting made with sound. It has eerie, hypnotic and booming percussion, droning synth sounds and a vocal so ethereal it would easily find a home in a David Lynch film. The video is pretty special too; bullets, skeletons, skulls, spiders and something truly psyched up.

Springfield Elementary “Five Second Rule This lot are from the north of England and they clearly have the DNA of Shaun Ryder and the Stone Roses in them. This groove-laden, slow languid funk work out makes it abundantly clear that Springfield Elementary are going places. It is hard to believe that they have only been together around a year. Get into this band now before they explode into the stratosphere.

Brother Adams featuring JRob “Momentum Can psychedelic, slacker garage rock mix with rap? Probably not on paper but as far as the new single from Brother Adams on which they are aided and abetted by a classy master of rhymes JRob. The song has a grungey feel with some hooks and melodies that just bury their roots like a huge beanstalk, which is so fitting for a giant of a tune like “Momentum”

Whippoorwill “California Evoking the best of 70s west coast rock from the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt to name just a couple, Whippoorwillya’s new cut almost lifts you onto that Greyhound bus to whisk you away from your downtrodden, grey, unhappy life into the sun, sea and good vibes of the Golden State. But it does carry an evocative plea for California to be kind. This song would be the perfect soundtrack to accompany a drive down a long open road with the top down on that big old Cadillac.

V98 “Conversation Killer Dublin’s V98 have released this angry single as a taster to their forthcoming EP, ‘Pressgang’. It is the story of someone who has heavy mental anger and might be waging war with themselves and society in general. The rough-edged vocals are backed by riffs as hard as granite and a tough gritty sound that epitomises some of the best modern punk sounds.


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“Monster Club” – Suncharms

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Is the world ready for another great song from that wonderful Sheffield band the Suncharms? It should be because their new release “Monster Club” is another stupendous and beautifully chilled tune following hot on the heels of “Red Dust” from late last year. There is a hint of Richard Hawley and possibly Edwyn Collins in the vocals and perhaps a musical resemblance to the best of the Super Furry animals. But aside from influences that I hear it has the original Suncharms stamp all over it. The song will feature on their album, due out next year (and I am very much looking forward to that), but don’t wait until then, give it a spin now!

The Suncharms describe the lyrics as being about The Limit nightclub in Sheffield, which my sources tell me closed in 1991. They said, “we all used to visit <the Limit> in the late 80s and early 90s – a place where goths, punks, psychobilly’s, vampires and indie kids would all rub shoulders and leap around the dance floor spilling pints of snakebite and black”. This new single will appeal to every one of those aforementioned tribes, especially the vampires. Legend has it that Pink Floyd once played a warmup at the Limit and the club also hosted the first UK performance from the B-52s.

The title is, according to the band, “grave robbed” from the title of a 1981 horror film called “The Monster Club” which starred Vincent Price and Britt Ekland among many others. Apparently, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee both turned down a role in the film. B.A, Robertson and the Pretty Things were among the artists who contributed to the soundtrack. If the film was ever to be remade the Suncharms ought to be first in line to throw this song into the mix for the soundtrack. On the evidence of “Red Dust” and “Monster Club”, I reckon the Suncharms have the talent to provide a film soundtrack. Both songs have a cinematic scope and feel to them. Whatever music you listen to on Halloween make sure you add “Monster Club” by the Suncharms to your playlist, you will not be disappointed! Click here to hear it on Spotify and click here to listen on BandCamp. The song is also available on iTunes.

How about finishing with some lyrics from the song to kick your Halloween night off with a BOO! “You told me to embrace the dark – will you take me with you? I hope you will – I’ll wrap you in a cape and take you to the Monster Club, The Monster Club…”

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Mayhem Singles Round Up 1 – October 2019 October 26, 2019


Lady Lazarus

I haven’t done this before but I need to expose all the great singles that I have received for review in the last few weeks. Here are 5 to get you going, I would love to know what you think of them.;

Mother “Pretty Face” – This tune from Oxford’s Mothers was released earlier this month and frankly, it is a proper banger. This classy single was produced by Ride frontman Mark Gardener. It is a song that eats into your psyche like a hot knife through butter. Radiohead would have been proud of this in 1994. It is very “out there” and suggests that Mothers have a great future.

Lady Lazarus – “Golden Heart” – this is a chilled ethereal anthem reminiscent of Julee Cruise on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. In another place and time, this would be a massive hit, so the least you can do is give it a spin, you will not be disappointed.

Wolves Like Us – “Oil Money” – this is a real heavy hardcore punk metal tune from Norway. The band has just released their fourth album, ‘Brittle Bones’, and if this song is anything to go by it will be awesome. It has an atmosphere of subdued menace and perfect punk production, it is riff laden but has oodles of melody and energy.

The Cabin Fever – “White Dwarf And A Supernova” – this reminds me of Gomez, Flaming Lips and is a real driving tune that draws you into its beating soulful heart of majestic music and does not let you go until you surrender to its abject beauty.

K Carter – “NBX” – a stunningly produced hip hop track that speaks of self-love in spite of a poor upbringing. K Carter oozes soul, empathy, and kindness. His ciphers are up there with the best of his contemporaries. I really need an album from this dude now!

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‘Death To Pop’ – Double Crush Syndrome October 22, 2019

This is another album sent to the Mayhem Mansion Review Wing by those delightful munchkins over at the marvellous 3 Songs & Out website. It is the new album by highly talented German rock trio Double Crush Syndrome. It is called ‘Death To Pop’, click here to check out my review. Feel free to stay awhile at 3 Songs & Out, although do come back here too!


The photo was found via Google and the videos via YouTube. If any of them are yours and you would like a credit or for them to be taken down please let me know.

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“It Won’t Last Long” – Ross Andrew October 14, 2019

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Back in February, I reviewed “Places” the fourth single from Birmingham singer-songwriter Ross Andrew, well he has a new one out, it is called “It Won’t Last Long”. With “Places” I saw a softish acoustic vibe along the lines of Clifford T Ward from the early 70s, however the new song, while retaining that great acoustic feel, has a much harder edge and it spews buckets of emotion. The production from Elliot Vaughan has perfect clarity but also brings out more power from Ross’ voice. Click here to hear the song on Spotify and check it out on YouTube below. I believe that “It Won’t Last Long” will, in fact, last a long while and it takes Mr. Andrew’s songwriting up a couple of gears at least. Check this bloke out now, that is an order!



‘Measure EP’ – Heavy Lungs October 12, 2019

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Bristol’s Heavy Lungs have just released their new 5-Track EP ‘Measure’ on Balley Records, it is their third EP. It has a late 70s post-punk feel and the aural assault of EP opener “Half Full” has tones of Scary Monsters era Bowie, Bauhaus, and even Suicide. It opens with a long feedback and weird noise overture. Danny Nedelko’s voice is a perfect raspy punk with an angry undercurrent. Nedelko has a great claim to fame beyond Heavy Lungs, he is the subject of “Danny Nedelko” a tune by Idles a band who Heavy Lungs are very close to having toured with them regularly. “Self Worth” strikes me as something that Lydon’s first Public Image Limited incarnation might have recorded. If you want an epic festival anthem in the making check out the towering and frantic “T.O.T.B”, it is a complete mental mind warp that seeps into your soul like one of Edgar Allen Poe’s darkest creations. Have Heavy Lungs invented a new sub-genre with this track? Goth-Punk anyone? There is a rather excellent video to accompany 2019 single and the first track released from this EP “(A Bit Of A) Birthday”. But while the video is bloody good the song stands perfectly on its own too. It has a 70s Glam Rock feel to it but with some tight yet mountainous punk riffs and pays a debt to Tin Machine. The EP closes with “Pacemaker” perhaps the softest track on the EP, but don’t be fooled this is still harder than many of their contemporaries. I really don’t know how I have missed out on Heavy Lungs up to now, but I am damned glad that I have found them! There is plenty of time to still catch them on tour (see dates below), if you can then sell whatever you need to in order to grab a ticket!



Dates with an asterisk are headline shows

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“Joker” – Film and Soundtrack Review October 10, 2019

Joaquin Phoenix puts in a truly devastatingly spectacular performance as Batman’s arch-nemesis Joker in the new DC film of the origin of the Clown Prince Of Crime. I am a big fan of comics, mostly Marvel, but in Batman and most of his villains DC has something on a par with the Marvel Universe. However, until now the film adaptations of DC characters have been at best sporadically good. But with ‘Joker’ they have moved into the Premier League. This film, directed by Todd Phillips is for me potentially the best superhero related film ever, in fact, I would say that it is possibly the best film that I have ever seen. It works as a study of abuse, bullying, isolation and mental breakdown and how society treats those who are different. There are obvious superhero and supervillain references given the iconic nature of one of DC Comics’ best-known villains. However, even with no knowledge of comic history or the key characters, you would probably agree that this is a stone-cold great film. For nerdy comic fans like me, you do get to see a young Bruce Wayne. Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix lost 52 pounds to play the character and he based the maniacal laughter on “videos of people suffering from pathological laughter” He didn’t look at previous Joker portrayals for inspiration, but he read a book about political assassinations so he could understand killers and motivations. He must be in line for an Oscar in my opinion.

The soundtrack from Icelandic musician and composer Hildur Gudnadottir. Hildur is a classicly trained cellist and has played with Throbbing Gristle and Animal Collective. She also provided the soundtrack for the recent TV mini-series ‘Chernobyl’. The musical soundscapes that she has created for ‘Joker’ are dark, moody and gothic and help to build scenes perfectly. Click here to listen to her soundtrack on Spotify. In addition to Gudnadottir’s work, there are a lot of previously hit or classic songs used at key points in the film. At one point you can hear one of my favourite 70s soul songs in the background while Phoenix as Arthur Fleck is putting on his clown make up. That song is “Everybody Plays The Fool” by the Main Ingredient. Other songs that feature are “Smile” by Jimmy Durante and “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra, both of which take prominent roles in the film’s soundscape. Tracks by the Doors, Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Donovan. “Left Speaker Blown” by Liars an LA-based band formed in the 90s is deeply dark and bordering on the scary side of beautiful. There is clearly at least one controversial track used in the film though. In quite a pivotal scene as Arthur Fleck’s mental state moves him more toward the Joker character he becomes he dances down some steps backed by a soundtrack of notorious UK paedophile Gary Glitter’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Part 2”. Now to many people, particularly in the UK, the thought of the former Paul Gadd making money is gross. However, were the music pickers form the film aware of Glitter’s activities? He never really sold much in the USA, he was essentially a one hit wonder in America. I understand that he is not likely to receive ongoing royalties for this, but will probably receive a lump sum payment. Half of that will go to his co-writer Mike Leander, who I have a degree of sympathy for. In my opinion, it was, with hindsight, foolish to use this tune. However in the context of the film it works!

The bottom line is that this is an incredible film and well worth seeing, don’t let the Glitter shit prevent you from giving it a shot.

As a footnote, last year in a Rolling Stone interview discussing his favourite Glam Rock songs Joe Elliot of Def Leppard said of Glitter’s “I’m the Leader of the Gang (I Am!)”; “This is going to be very controversial because nobody talks about Gary Glitter anymore, since he’s a child molester, but there’s no doubt that in 1973, him and Michael Leander, who previously worked with the Beatles, made a fantastic song. It’s just an absolutely tremendous sing-along, laugh-along pop anthem. It was just undeniable. It starts off with a motorbike and then Glitter and the band start this “Come on, come on” chant and it speeds up and then just stops and he goes, “Do you want to be in my gang, my gang?” and it’s just begging for what comes next, which is the whole Glitter band going, “Oh yeah.” It’s just really well-constructed stuff.

You won’t hear him on the radio in the U.K. anymore because he’s banished to bloody hell because of all his misdemeanors with underage girls. But probably no more so than Jerry Lee Lewis who still gets played. And Chuck Berry had all these tours before he died, and nobody seems to remember that he put cameras in the toilets of his restaurant and filmed people. So people pick and choose their pariahs, I suppose. But if you discuss music and nothing but music here, the songs you had when you’re a 12-year-old kid were fantastic. And that one song in particular was the best one I ever heard.” I am not for one moment this condones anythine Glitter the paedophile did, but this is just another view.

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